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COVID-19 Has Had a Profound Impact on In-Person Education

February 12, 2021
COVID-19 Has Had a Profound Impact on In-Person Education

Background of COVID Implications

In March 2020 COVID-19 came roaring onto the scene and rocked our nation to the core. There was much confusion about what COVID was and what would happen as a result to its unwelcome appearance. Many facets of our daily lives were affected. As an educator, my teaching practice shifted, and I had to change the way that I delivered academic content to my students. I had heard of Zoom and had used it occasionally, but I did not realize it would become a regular part of my life.

According to the Office of the Governor of California guidelines had to be put in place to explain how California schools should handle this unprecedented pandemic. The website offered this explanation:

“Even though a school may be physically closed, educating and feeding our kids shouldn’t stop. Students still need instruction – even if it is at a distance. Our low-income students also continue to need access to free or reduced price, healthy meals,”

-Governor Gavin Newsom.

Four Key Areas

”The guidance focuses on four critical areas:

1. Distance learning and independent study

2. School meal delivery

3. Accommodations for students with disabilities

4. Child care and supervision."


Parental Lenses

As a mother of two children, I was concerned about how COVID would affect my girls as students. I also had concerns about how their overall educational experience would be affected. My oldest daughter is a 15-year-oldsophomore that loves the arts and enjoys social interaction. I didn’t realize that the initial letters that I received from my children’s schools informing me that they would be out of school for a couple of weeks would quickly change into several weeks, then into months and now almost a year later some school districts have not opened yet.

Many school districts scrambled to figure out how to create a quality educational experience online, but they quickly realized that in person education is most effective for optimal student learning outcomes.