Plenty of Subjects to Help With

High School and Junior High Coverage

I can help with almost anything they are learning in High School or Junior High levels. My masters degree, credentials, and 20+ years of experience in the classroom really does make all the difference in the quality of educational support they will receive.

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Subjects Covered

High School English - Language Arts
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High School - History
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High School Tutoring - Other Subjects
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Junior High School - English Language Arts
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Junior High School - Social Studies
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Junior High School Tutoring - Other Subjects
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Elementary School
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Stacy is reliable and very thorough. She gives me helpful critiques and suggestions throughout my writing process. After our sessions, I always feel much more confident in my work. I couldn’t have made it through college without her!

Kierra M.


Stacy is an exceptional teacher, communicator, and a great influence on my 2 kids. Her style of instruction and patient demeanor show her expert level understand of subjects. She's a wonderful tutor and I highly recommend her.

Shawn L.

Parent, Software Architect

She is patient, extremely knowledgeable, and very skilled in connecting with students. She has an innate ability to foster academic self-confidence in students. I am grateful for Stacy and the impact she has made on my sons.

Megan S.

Parent, School Counselor

Stacy is a professional educator. She was patient with our son. She supported him through the writing process and gently guided him when he needed to make corrections. She cares about her students.

Von and Jenae B.

Entrepreneur & Admin Assistant

Stacy is extremely efficient when working with young children. She has the ability to meet them wherever they are and help them continue to progress. Her approachable teaching style makes learning fun.

Kim and Reggie K.

Orange County Parents

Stacy is incredibly compassionate, patient, and skilled in supporting the academic development of students. Stacy takes great care in developing a secure relationship with her students as a positive and effective guide.

Priscilla W

Licensed Clinical Social Worker