Elementary School

Subjects Covered


I will focus on fluency and fluidity in writing. I will practice pronunciation with my students and make sure the students comprehend what they are reading.


Teaching basic sentence formation is how I will approach writing with young children. Explain paragraph writing and how to write topic sentences and explanations throughout the paragraph. Also, focusing on teaching students how to write a simple and a compound sentence.


Basic computation - Multiplication - Division.

Working with students on counting by ones and tens. Also, using repetition to facilitate learning foundational math facts is how I will approach math instruction. Elementary math includes addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and estimation.


I will assist students with learning in the areas of physical, earth, and life sciences.

Social Studies / Geography / History

I will focus on helping elementary students understand that history relates to events, people, and places of other times. They will be instructed on how to use a timeline to keep track of events that happened in history. They will learn about the United States, the founding fathers, and important people in history.


Assistance with drawing ideas. Art project idea planning and implementation. Art history assistance can be provided as needed.