High School English - Language Arts

Subjects Covered

In high school writing students need to know how to write using the proper sentence structure as outlined in the California Teaching Standards. As a tutor/teacher, my focus in writing will be to assist students with writing and speaking in complete, coherent sentences and structuring essays correctly.

  • As a tutor I will focus on the literary works of the eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and assist students with drawing evidence from literary and informational texts.For example, the works of Shakespeare and school adopted novels and short stories are often a part of the high school curriculum and can be analyzed during tutoring sessions.  
  •  I will assist high school students needing assistance in English Language Arts curriculum to comprehend and effectively evaluate literature, stories, dramas, and poems.
  • Poetry introduces students to various forms of writing. I will offer support to students with poetry topics including Haiku, limerick, sonnet and free verse.
  • Creative writing allows for students to express themselves through their writing. I will offer direction as I take the students thoughts and help them to take their own creative words and turn them into a solid piece of writing.
Essay writing

Includes teaching the structure of writing an essay.

Creative writing

Includesteaching the structure of writing an essay


Includesteaching the structure of writing an essay