High School Tutoring - Other Subjects

Subjects Covered


Assistance offered in the area of: Biology, Biology lab, Environmental science, Earth science, Physical science.


In a high school psychology course, students are introduced to the scientific method and the core ideas of psychology. Students will be assisted with analyzing how the human mind works.


Students conduct cost-benefit analyses and apply basic economic indicators to analyze the aggregate economic behavior of the U.S. economy.

Women’s studies

 I will assist students in learning about the contribution that women such as Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott have made to society.

Religious studies

In ancient civilizations various religions are introduced. Students will be supported in their exploration of different religious groups and their impact on world.

Current events

Current Events is an elective course that discusses the events that are occurring on a local, national or global level. I will focus on how these events affect the world we live in.

Basic Spanish

I will focus on helping students to learn the basics of Spanish one. Students will be challenged to use the Spanish they are learning during tutoring sessions. Flash Cards will be utilized to facilitate memorization of commonly used Spanish words.