Tutoring Services

Stacy provides expert-level one-on-one tutoring to students in grades 1 through 12. Tutoring sessions will be either in person, (in Orange County, California), or over zoom video conferencing, (covering the entire United States).

Local Tutoring

Tutoring in Orange County

Orange County California. I service Orange County California with Elementary, Junior High, and High School tutoring subjects.

Remote Tutoring

Tutoring via Zoom

Via Zoom. I provide remote tutoring services over Zoom video calls to anyone in the United States. I will try to work within your schedule as much as possible. Most sessions will be possible from 8am to 6pm, Pacific Standard Time.

Age Groups Covered

From Grades 1 to 12

Junior High and High School. Although I specialize in Junior High and High School tutoring of all subjects, other age ranges may be acceptable as well.